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Earthship Biotecture plans to build an off-grid, self-sustained home for a family living on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, in the summer of 2016. 

The Haudenosaunee family faces the colonial injustice of a housing crisis, and the countless obstacles which make getting a housing loan next to impossible for people who live far below the poverty line.

The family is in desperate need of a healthier and more cost effective shelter, as they have been living in a condemned trailer for years. The trailer has several holes where you can see straight through to the outside, a rodent infestation, mold, old brass pipes that get clogged constantly, next to no insulation, and a leaking roof. The owner does not think it will make it through the winter. She supports her daughter, who is a single mother, and 4 grandchildren, aged 4, 8, 11 and 15. She is their only family.

She will be welcoming all peoples to watch, participate and learn from this building process. She looks forward to being a part of showing that it takes grassroots people power to address the housing and energy crisis.

We need to raise $100,000
for this project through
donations and sponsorships.

Please consider making any contribution you can.

Once our facility is built, it will be open to the public for tours and rentals. The proceeds from this will be used to fund building projects in Canada for people in need of adequate housing. Our goal is to build as many off grid and self sustainable homes for people in need as possible. We will use these builds as an opportunity to teach various communities sustainable building techniqes and practises.

You can support a specific project by sharing this site, contacting us regarding volunteering, sponsoring a build with materials or equipment, or donating below.

The new off grid home will be built using Architect, Michael Reynold's, Earthship design. The Earthship Home features:
- Thermal & Solar Heating and Cooling - Solar & Wind Electricity
- Contained Sewage Treatment - Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
- Water Harvesting
- Internal Food Production

During the building process, we will host a free Sustainable Building Workshop for members of Six Nations interested in construction skill development. Our hope is to provide members of the community - especially youth- with the skills needed to replicate the building, and an opportunity to develop a local sustainable building crew. Through fundraising and public outreach, it is our hope that we will generate enough interest and financial support during this project, that we may continue to build and teach in other Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

Primary Goals:
- to prove that sustainable and affordable methods of housing exist.
- to prove that with organization and skill development, communities can provide this housing for themselves with locally sourced labour and materials, through hands-on education and training.
- to engage a community in an environmentally conscious project, to enhance community knowledge and understanding of sustainability concepts.
- to provide a family with economic independence from fluctuating energy and water costs.
- to offer a positive, and practical solution to a country wide housing and environmental crisis.

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About Earthship Biotecture

Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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