Today is the first day with all of our volunteers on the jobsite and with everyone’s combined help, the process moved along quite a bit.  Already, the site is changing shape and beginning to look more structured.  The groups were broken up and worked to pound tires, create the trench for the septic, bend and cut rebar for the vault, and even build an onsite outhouse.  The day was a labor-intensive day and a great learning experience for everyone on the jobsite.  

earthship construction


Early in the morning, the mayor of Comalapa came to the jobsite to welcome and thanked everyone for being there working for Romeo and his family and alongside Long Way Home who has made great strides within the community.  Romeo’s family also came to the site to hand out snacks to all of the workers.  

comalapa mayor

The tire courses were continued on from yesterday, the middle 
“U” was pounded and leveled and the rebar stakes were pounded in to support the vault.  The music playing from Maria’s house, last years’ site above where Romeo’s house will be, was stopped during the middle of the day to call for everyone’s attention to help carry over the pre-made vault to the top of the tire wall.  

earthship vault

At the end of the day the volunteers stuck behind for a Q&A session with project director, Phil Basehart and asked questions pertaining to the building and its components and functionality.   Tomorrow will continue with more tire pounding, vault framing, bond beam pouring and preparing for cooling tubes and cisterns.  

phil basehart earthships